Website user experience is very significant to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it’s Google’s job to provide the best quality results to their viewers. SEO is a game of inches and getting that top spot in Google search is the product of having a disciplined approach toward investing in your website intelligence and best practice. The only way to win is to outsmart the competition – so staying ahead of the game when it comes to being up to date with best practice.

Here are some tips for creating an effective user website experience:

Make it mobile-friendly.  One of the most common problems that can have your customers jump off your website like rats out of a sinking ship is not having a mobile-friendly responsive site. An estimated 60% of viewers use mobile devices for shopping and online browsing. Making sure your website is responsive is an essential step to enhancing your user experience optimization.

Make it beautiful. Your website should boost beauty and brains. Aesthetics matter when making a rememberable first impression. If someone doesn’t trust your site, or your yellow background or out of focus images are tough on the eyes, they’re likely to get back on Google and search again. When this happens, a signal is sent back to Google that tells them your website isn’t valuable for that search result – and, if that happens often, you won’t be moving up to the top spot.

Make it fast. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load then your viewers are out of there. While big, beautiful images and fancy animations are great eye-catchers, they tend to really slow down your site load time. Be sure to optimize and compress your images before uploading them to your website. Tip: Resize your images using an image editing software like Photoshop and use the ‘Save for Web’ feature to get a small file size (under 250kb). You can also use a plugin named Smuthit for WordPress websites.

Make it valuable. Sites that provide more value and more detailed content to their users get better rankings. The key is to provide more detailed and valuable content than any of the other sites you’re competing against in the top 10. Again, the reason behind this is that Google wants to provide their users with the BEST search results and anything mediocre will more often than not have a tough time rising to the top.

Make it Secure. The digital world is in constant motion, maintaining your site is how your site stays visible to Google. Supercharge your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and boost your traffic with a monthly maintenance plan to ensure optimal performance and security. Similar to maintaining a car, websites need regular checkups to ensure that everything is functioning in a safe and efficient manner.